Cleveland Man Charged with Operating Meth Lab Next to Child's Bedroom

Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland 19) A Cleveland man was arrested for operating a meth lab next to a child’s bedroom, according to Cleveland 19.

Cleveland Police found meth materials in the garage and a lab inside a room next to a child’s bedroom.

Neighbors told CBS Cleveland they believed two young girls lived in the home.

The home was described by neighbors as having a strong odor.

Neighbors said the girls didn’t look very clean, and had holes in their shirts.

Thomas Harris, 43, was charged with illegal manufacture of drugs, a first-degree felony because of children living in the home.

"Obviously, having a meth lab where you have your kids is a big deal. That’s why it’s a very severe charge. It’s the highest degree felony in the state of Ohio," said Marty Ebehart, Barberton Police public information officer.

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