Clean Up Begins in Mayville

The cleanup has begun in Dodge County after torrential rains brought flash floods to Mayville yesterday.

The storm forced two schools to evacuate.

Now the community is looking to dry out.

We are outside of St. John School just 24 hours ago the spot where I'm standing was completely flooded.

The school has been closed down for the day as teachers clean up.

Clean up is what it's all about.

"Look at that that 7 inches"

Gerald Engmann live directly behind Parkview elementary, one of two schools that were evacuated because of heavy rain and rising water Wednesday

"You should've seen this yesterday the water was all the way up to here," said Engmann.

And his 50 years in this home, he says he has never seen a storm like this one.

Down the street crews from the Mayville public works department were out early this morning in front of Saint Johns School. They were removing sandbags and concrete blocks so that road could reopen.

Jack Hurst, Public Works superintendent says it's been about 10 years since the city saw a storm of this magnitude.

Clean up will likely take weeks. 

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