City-wide curfew issued in Burlington

Burlington Mayor Hefty has issued a city-wide curfew on Wednesday, July 12 at 10 PM for all residents of Burlington due to flooding conditions.

Everyone is asked to me off the roads after 10:00 PM.

Earlier on Wednesday a State of Emergency was issued by the Mayor. 

Property owners are encouraged to monitor the Fox and White River levels and expect increased flooding. Flooding at this level will lead to street and park closures.

Due to strong water currents, individuals are strongly encouraged not to boat on the Fox River at this time.

Burlington was one of the areas hardest hit by heavy rain and storms Tuesday night. Some rain reports have come in over 8" in just a few hours. The Fox River at Burlington is already at record levels over 14 feet and is expected to rise over 15 feet on Thursday before falling over the weekend. The old record was in 2008. 

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