City Official Warns of Jury Duty Hoax

The Clerk of Circuit Court, John Barrett, is warning people about a potential hoax.

An individual identifying himself as a Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff with his badge number and name, is calling people with regard to jury duty and demanding money.

Mr. Barrett’s office has received a number of complaints from citizens regarding this hoax. Some of the individuals had not even been summoned for jury duty.

“You’ll never be contacted about jury service without first receiving a summons in the mail,” he said.

He also said they will never ask a sheriff’s deputy to call individuals regarding jury service. The Clerk of Circuit Court's Office communicates directly with jurors by mail or email.

Furthermore, Barrett says there would be no requirement for payment of money without a court order, and that would be after a hearing before a judge.

If individuals are contacted by someone, they should call the Clerk of Circuit Court Office at 414-278-4080 to report it.

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