City of Waukesha looks to make improvements after flooding in basement

NOW: City of Waukesha looks to make improvements after flooding in basement


The City of Waukesha is working to make some improvement to its city hall after the basement flooded on July 12th.

According to the city administrator, the roof drains were overwhelmed with rain water, causing water to come up through the drains in the basement.

There is video showing water covering the floor. Luckily, city workers were on hand to clean up the mess and protect equipment like computers.

“Without anyone removing it -- it may have come in contact with the bus bars and then the water would have been electrified and obviously that is a serious situation,” said Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly.

Reilly said they have not had this much rain in recent decades. The building was built in the 1960’s and common council has talked about making improvements to the building for the last year. After the flooding, an electrician discovered the water came very close to the bus bars, which are electrical conductors.

“What is the take away for the people working in this building? Is that during severe rain events -- we stay out of the basement," said Reilly.

On Tuesday at the Common Council meeting, the city administrator presented his findings and discussed short term fixes. The city is working on implementing moisture sensors, cameras and sump pumps to make sure it is prepared for another severe storm.

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