City of Waukesha chooses Milwaukee as water supplier

NOW: City of Waukesha chooses Milwaukee as water supplier

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Waukesha has chosen Milwaukee over Oak Creek to be its water supplier. This has been an ongoing issue for the City of Waukesha. The city has been search for a clean and reliable water supply for their residents. 

Waukesha has picked Milwaukee because of the price and distance. The project will cost more than $200 million. There will be a water connection added, booster pump, and then a main that will bring the water over to Waukesha from Lake Michigan.

After the water is used, it will be treated and released into the Root River where it will flow back into Lake Michigan.

The City of Milwaukee will also benefit from this deal.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the money they get will go towards its lead service replacement. They also found choosing Milwaukee would actually save customer's money. 

"The bottom line when it comes down to the project, we couldn't overcome the distance. Saving $40 million dollars, an average of $200 per household per resident, it's significant for the residents of Waukesha," said Dan Duchniak, General Manager of Waukesha Water Utility. 

During the next several weeks, the Milwaukee and Waukesha Common Councils will be signing off on the decision.

If approved, builders can start construction as early as 2019.

To watch the full press conference, see below:

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