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City of Racine discusses lead in drinking water

NOW: City of Racine discusses lead in drinking water


Officials from the City of Racine joined together with environmentalists on Wednesday to talk about lead in the city's drinking water. Melissa Warner from the Sierra Club kicked off the meeting, she said for years the city of Racine has been proactive in fighting the lead contamination problem.

Sarah Clemens from the Department of Health also spoke. She said not enough children are properly tested for lead poisoning in Racine.

CBS 58 spoke with Mike Kosterman from the City of Racine Water Utility who talked about preventing lead poisoning, "don't drink old water, if you've been away from your house use the bathroom, take your shower, then go to be faucet and let it run for a couple of minutes."

Over the next few months the Sierra Club will be releasing more information related to water problems in Wisconsin.

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