Racine and Milwaukee ready to respond if melting snow causes flooding

NOW: Racine and Milwaukee ready to respond if melting snow causes flooding

MILWAUKEE/RACINE, Wis. (CBS58 )-- With all the snow, many may be wondering if there will be flooding issues when it melts. It turns out at least two cities have a plan in place if that happens.

You can't miss them, there are piles of snow on every corner and in most parking lots in Milwaukee. However, there is a dumping spot the city uses.

“DPW headquarters in the back, where they dump snow, that’s one of the places I know," Robert Brooks said. He is the sewer services manager in Milwaukee.

When the snowmelt hits, Brooks says he doesn’t expect major flooding.

“We have over 100,000 catch basins through the city of Milwaukee."

Brooks tells CBS 58 residents play a big role clearing those catch basins.

“Some of them have been living there for years, when they are out there snowblowing or shoveling, they usually uncover them.”

The city of Racine got pounded. It got hit with more than a foot of snow, which gets dumped at a city-owned property. They’re also set to tackle any potential flooding.

“We have a sewage collection system that we take pride in here in the city of Racine, we don’t experience that type of flooding," John Rooney said. He is the commissioner of Public Works in Racine.

“DPW always had a flood response plan. As being a community that has a river that flows through it, we need to be prepared.”

Rooney says he doesn't want to think too far ahead. They are still dealing with snow removal.

“We will worry about the thaw when it comes, we’re still not out of snow season yet."

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works says they have at least 15 crews ready to respond in case of snow or flooding emergencies.

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