City of Oconomowoc could soon be facing lawsuit over "Welcome" signs

NOW: City of Oconomowoc could soon be facing lawsuit over “Welcome“ signs

Oconomowoc, WIS (CBS 58) -- The city of Oconomowoc could soon be facing a lawsuit because of certain "Welcome" signs. One Wisconsin-based group is saying take the signs down or else.

The sign causing controversy says, "The churches of Oconomowoc welcomes you." There's two of them in the city. CBS 58 News spoke to several people who said they enjoy the signs.

"I think they're inviting. I think it encompasses what a community is about," said resident Tom Pasch.

But, not everyone feels that way. The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the signs violate the first amendment and are grounds for a lawsuit.

A representative from the group says they have sent the mayor three letters about this and if he doesn't act by the end of the month, they might sue.  

"It's not an appropriate message for the government to be making. It's promoting the Christian churches of Oconomowoc specifically," said Ryan Jayne, Legal Fellow for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The mayor of Oconomowoc said he cannot currently comment on what he plans to do about the signs.

Stay with CBS 58 News for more information on this developing story. 

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