City of Milwaukee's First Budget Hearing to Take Place Tonight

Will the unrest in Milwaukee cost taxpayers in the long run?

Milwaukee alders met with police today to learn more about events in Sherman Park this weekend and shared their opinion whether a solution to the violence will find it's way into the city budget.

On Tuesday the Police Chief and Common Council met for the first time after the violence that broke out over the weekend.

But the question is will it affect what happening across the street here.

Tonight at the municipal building, the public can put in their input on what goes into next year's city budget.

MPD confirmed Chief Flynn did meet with the common council, but did not confirm the meetings were in small groups to avoid open meeting violations.

CBS 58 spoke with Alderman Witkowski, who attended one of the meetings.

He said his biggest concern is that the violence over the last few nights will affect the neighborhood for years to come.

He believes the burned down buildings may not be replaced, and says he's seen this happen before.

“In 1967 the event took place around 2nd and center upper 3rd Street the looting fires and to this day, 49 years later there are still boarded buildings in that area. Might see grass and parks but those were buildings once upon a time,” said Witkowski.

Tuesday night is the mayor's preliminary budget hearing.

The public are invited to attend.

Alderman Witkowski said if there was an answer to solve this, it would have already come out.

Alderman Stamper said the public should come to make sure resources are in place to prevent violence we saw the last few nights in Milwaukee.

The meeting starts at 6p.m. and it's at the Zeidler Municipal Building. 

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