City of Milwaukee Issues Cold Weather Health Advisory

The City of Milwaukee issued a cold weather health advisory to remind residents to take precautions as extreme cold wind chills move into the area.

Mayor Tom Barrett and Health Commissioner Bevan Baker held a news conference Tuesday to offer ideas to stay safe in the brutal cold.  The most important message is to take care of yourself and look after those most vulnerable like the very young and very old.  \"This is a time when we can become good neighbors.   If you have people living an apartment building, if they're elderly, check on them because every year we hear about someone who no one had checked on, and unfortunately, there was a terrible mishap because no one had checked on them,\" Mayor Barrett said.

Health Commissioner Baker suggests limiting time outdoors, dress in layers, pack a car survival kit, heat your home with devices approved for indoors use, limit the time pets are outdoors and be aware of the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia.

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