City of Milwaukee applies for $50 million federal grant to cover DNC safety costs

NOW: City of Milwaukee applies for $50 million federal grant to cover DNC safety costs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Democratic National Convention Host Committee is relying on large contributions to help get the money needed for the big event.

Contributions can be expected not only from different corporations, but also wealthy individuals, and possibly grants.

Mayor Tom Barrett announced the city's submission of a request for federal funding to cover safety costs associated with hosting the 2020 DNC. 

The DNC is a heavy lift. At the press conference, Mayor Barrett said that no city can be expected to host such a large event and be left to foot the bill for all of its operations.

That's why they're applying for a $50 million federal grant for funding necessary to secure a safe environment for Milwaukee residents, all DNC participants, delegates, media, protesters and the general public. 

In addition, the grant will cover proposed costs for police officers, firefighters and personnel from local and neighboring jurisdictions.

The mayor said they've been planning on submitting this proposal for months now, saying securing funding for public safety is critical and Tuesday night's event with the president's rally and the Bucks game was a good example of what can be done when we all work together.

"People knew what to expect," said Mayor Barrett. "And I think the more all of us collectively can let people know what to expect, we can adapt."

"This is a team effort, and when we talk about community, here's an event where we had road closures, and we briefed you, you briefed the public and things went smoothly, and that's how it's going to work this upcoming summer," said Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. 

The mayor said they need to spend the money before they can be reimbursed for it, and that even though they've reached an important step in submitting this proposal, they still have many more to complete for the DNC this July. 

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