City, GOP leaders look ahead to 2024 RNC, say Milwaukee should 'expect' to host presidential primary debate

NOW: City, GOP leaders look ahead to 2024 RNC, say Milwaukee should ’expect’ to host presidential primary debate

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- GOP and Milwaukee city leaders say efforts to prepare for the 2024 Republican National Convention are ramping up ahead of the four-day event next summer.

"We've got a few political differences, but we are, however, united in that we have a desire to make sure that Milwaukee shines in the summer of 2024," Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson said at a news conference at 3rd Street Market Hall on Thursday, Feb. 2.

Speakers at the event emphasized how Republican party leaders and democratic elected officials in the city are on the same page of celebrating the convention as an economic win for Milwaukee.

"I am so excited to bring the world into Milwaukee not just for the Republican Party, but to help businesses and business owners and to highlight a bipartisan effort to do great things for this urban community," GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told reporters.

McDaniel is coming off a victory last month in her re-election bid to lead the Republican National Committee.

Officials cite studies estimating the economic benefit for the city and region to be anywhere between $170 million to $280 million.

Local leaders are working to ensure local and minority-owned businesses outside of downtown are able to tap into the economic boom.

"We want to make sure businesses are aware that they're preparing themselves to get on a list provide their services so that we can make sure that they're in the running to compete for some of the services that they'll be needing for the convention," Common Council President Jose Perez told CBS 58.

The focus now for officials is on securing contracts for various services like hotels, venues, food and more. On top of that, both the host committee and GOP are tasked with fundraising the money needed to put on the four-day event, something they claim they are well on their way to achieve.

"We are already ahead of those goals right now," MKE 2024 Host Committee Chairman, and former Wisconsin Republican Party Chariman, Reince Priebus said. "There's a goal coming up in the first quarter of this year, we've already exceeded that financial goal."

Milwaukee should 'expect' to host presidential debate

Another update from McDaniel was the city is likely to host a presidential primary debate as the party filters down its field of candidates ahead of the convention.

"Our debate process will be announced pretty soon as well, our primary process is in place," McDaniel said. "I would expect to have a debate here in Milwaukee."

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