City comes out for 'Big Clean MKE,' in memory of Ziggy Zyszkiewcz

NOW: City comes out for ’Big Clean MKE,’ in memory of Ziggy Zyszkiewcz

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With buckets in hand, people throughout the City of Milwaukee were picking up garbage. They took part in 'Big Clean MKE,’ a citywide effort to get rid of the trash on the streets.

"We have a lot of garbage, we have a lot of people that just throw bags on the ground, throw big Popeyes boxes on the's irritating, it's frustrating," said Russell Stamper II, 15th district alderman.

The event was in honor of city worker, Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewcz, a city inspector who was killed on the job last year.

"Because he literally gave his life to make this a better city, and his job was to make sure our properties were well maintained," said Mayor Tom Barrett. "With his loss I think it's incumbent on us to carry the torch."

Held in conjunction with Hip-Hop Week MKE, the goal was to get people not to litter.

Residents and volunteers went to neighborhoods that needed it most. "It's all about giving back and making sure we have a clean, neat community,"  Octavia Parker added.

Even children got involved.

"I saw this big mess and I start cleaning up...makes you feel good. We're helping people, clean the environment," A.C. Crockett said.

The event will eventually expand to other districts, until the whole city takes part in the effort. 

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