Church's Black Lives Matter banner destroyed

A local church tries to take part in the 'Black Lives Matter' movement only to find that someone is trying to sabotage those efforts.

\"Someone had slashed the word black out of our banner which originally said, Black Lives Matter,\" said Rev. Amy Shaw.

The sign has been up in front of Lake Country Unitarian Church for nearly five weeks.

Reverend Shaw believes the sign was destroyed late Sunday or early Monday morning.

\"The  9th was the anniversary of Michael Brown's death, violence was starting to erupt again Sunday night into Monday morning,\" said Shaw.

She knew when it went up there was a possibility of this happening.

\"When the sign went up we talked a lot about safety and vandalism,\" said Shaw. 

There will be  a board meeting Wednesday and they will be talking about what the next step will be. 

\"Even if we can't put up another one up right now, we will continue to engage in the work and we will continue to engage in the Black Lives Matter movement,\" said Shaw.  

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