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Churches Urging Caution, Authorities Stepping up Patrols After Man Claiming to be Joseph Jakubowski Threatens Violence on Easter

New developments in the search for Joseph Jakubowski. Authorities say he may have threatened churches in Waukesha County.

The Sheriff's Office tells ut the threat came in the mail and was directed at churches in Sussex.  It threatens violence on Easter. The Sheriff's Office is asking everyone to be cautious.

"Our whole point of this is we're not trying to scare anyone. We want to make people extra vigilant and are aware of their surroundings," said Lt. Philip Carini with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Office.

The business that received the letter was not included in the threat. Lt. Carini says they haven't been able to confirm if the letter was actually written by Jakubowski but still they are working with churches to make sure everyone is vigilant and safe.

The pastor of the Sussex United Methodist Church said the Sheriff's Department came by and met with him today. He said he also brought the threat up at the evening service, asking people to show courage. 

The Waukesha Sheriff's Department is working with the FBI agencies. The Sheriff's Office will be stepping up patrols for the rest of holy week.

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