Christmas tree shopping begins

Out with Christmas and in with Thanksgiving, families are out buying their Christmas trees across Wisconsin.

At the Menards on Miller Parkway Adam Kosidowski's Christmas tree is a milestone.

\"It's a new tradition this year, my wife and I just got married earlier this year, so this is a new tradition.\"

Holiday firsts were also across the aisle, with Michelle Dallapiazza and her step-granddaughter.

Sarah Cordova says, \"I never went to get a tree this is my first time so I'm all into it.\"

For others, trudging through an aisle of snow, at Mequon's \"Trees for Less\" farm is the way to go.

Owner Rick O'Malley says, \"Everyone is in a good mood, they're out shopping, getting their tree it's a good time of year.\"

Despite the cold, Melissa Moran, brought out her family, and a little one who has never seen a tree farm.

Moran says, \"Our nephew has never cut down a tree, he's from Chicago, not a lot of tree farms there.\"

Alec Moran says, \"We could buy one but it's fun to get Nicholas, my little cousin to get one, it's a fun tradition.\"

So whether hunting in the aisle, or through a field, it's never too late for holiday \"firsts.\"

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