Child Seat Found on Top of Car in Concentra's Parking Lot in Brown Deer

A child seat was found on top of a vehicle parked in the lot of Concentra Urgent Care Center in Brown Deer Road on Friday.

According to Brown Deer Police, a 40 year old West Allis man reported observing a child seat on top of a vehicle parked in the lot of Concentra.

He was concerned as he was not sure if there was a child in the seat and did not see an adult nearby.

 The vehicle was registered to a 27-year-old West Allis woman. Brown Deer Police contacted her and she stated her husband was at Concentra earlier in the day.

She confirmed her child was okay and in good health.

The woman told police her husband is an attentive and caring parent who would not have left their child unattended.

The 27 year old told police she believed her husband left the seat outside until he could return to retrieve it once their child was in the care of a staff member. No crime could be substantiated by police. 

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