Child Advocacy Center provides support to kids affected by abuse

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- It's more than halfway through Child Abuse Prevention month, and the Marshfield Clinic is providing support to kids affected by abuse or neglect.

The Child Advocacy Center allows children who are brought in by Child Protective Services and law enforcement to be interviewed and given a physical exam just once, in the same place to make it less traumatizing.

"I am helpful in providing information for cases and possibly evidence about whether a child has been abused or not," Marshfield Clinic Child Advocacy Center Medical Director Kristen Iniguez said. "But also my main priority is to make sure the children that are brought through here are healthy taken well care of and safe."

Good and bad, Dr. Iniguez says the center is growing. They serve 18 counties from the region. Last year, there were around 370 cases. This year, they're on pace to see about 500.

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