Check your bank account: Packers fans overcharged for purchases at Lambeau Sunday night

NOW: Check your bank account: Packers fans overcharged for purchases at Lambeau Sunday night

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thousands of fans were thrilled with the Packers' performance Sunday night until they checked their bank accounts after the game.

The Packers acknowledged some fans were overcharged for purchases at Lambeau Field, and it could take days to straighten out the refunds.

On the field, the 27-10 win over the Bears was great. But off the field, many fans were hit with multiple charges for the same purchase.

The payment processor is working to void the duplicate charges, but it caused huge headaches as accounts were drained and cards were declined.

Ashley Estrada said, "We bought cheese hats and a Barbie. Which was pretty pricey. It came out to $60. They charged that three times onto my card."

Estrada and her 13-year-old were excited to make the drive from Twin Lakes to Lambeau for the home opener against the Bears.

They bought food and water, cheeseheads, and some toys. She said, "We were having a fabulous time. The Packers won."

And they celebrated the 27-10 win.

Until the drive home. Getting tired, they stopped at a hotel but their card was declined. That's when Ashley checked her bank statement.

She said there was "one charge over and over and over. And then another charge for the water over and over and over."

Ashley was able to move money from her savings account and they got the hotel room for the night.

But she said, "If I didn't have that in savings, or if someone else didn't have that in savings, it would have left them on the side of the road."

In the morning she got an email saying she was one of many Packers fans that had incorrect duplicate charges. Hers totaled about $300.

The Packers said it was due to a worldwide issue with FreedomPay, a company that processes payments at venues throughout the country.

The duplicate charges may say they're "pending," but the Packers say those payments will not be completed.

FreedomPay is working to void those transactions, but an automated message told Ashley it could be several days, which could cause more problems.

"Especially for people that are budgeting for the game. It's not cheap. This is something people save for months in advance," she said.

For many, damage has already been done. On social media dozens of people shared similar stories of drained bank accounts.

And there are immediate impacts, despite the eventual refunds.

Ashley said, "I'm holding off on a couple things this week to make up for the money they took."

When asked if she'll go back to Lambeau, Ashley took a long pause before saying yes. But she said she won't use her card there because she's worried this could happen again. The problem is, Lambeau Field is entirely cashless.

Messages to the Packers' food & beverage provider and the payment processor were not returned.

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