Check out The Other Ozaukee County

The Wisconsin State Fair is the talk of the town for the next nine days.  But the Ozaukee County Fair has held its own, thank you very much, since 1859.  And to top it all off, it's one of the last free fairs in the Midwest.

I got to experience all the fun first hand during Friday's morning show, including spending some time in the pig pen and even milking a Brown Swiss cow.  These cows can produce between two and four gallons a day.  Their milk has a higher fat content, perfect for making Wisconsin cheese we all know and love. 

But for me, there's nothing store-bought.  It's all hand made.

This weekend, the Ozaukee County fair offers a lot, such as the popular two-day demo derby and a scavenger hunt featuring some cool prizes like a tablet, scooters, and even Packers memorabilia.  Click on the attached link for all the information you want on the Ozaukee County Fair.

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