Check it-- airlines changing rules for carry-on luggage

MILWAUKEE -- As the summer travel gets into full swing, a warning for airline passengers, check your bag before you pack.  This spring United Airlines joined Delta and American by shrinking the maximum size of a bag that a passenger can carry on to the plane.  

According to their website, the maximum size United allows for carry-on luggage is 22-inches by 9-inches by 14-inches.  The website says the airline will check any carry-on that doesn't fit those dimensions, and the passenger may have to pay a fee.  

But all of United's website hasn't caught up to the switch.  Take a look at this bag that customers can purchase with United rewards miles:  

While it is listed as a carry-on bag, under United's own rules it would have to be checked.  CBS58's Bill Walsh has more on how passengers feel about shrinking carry-on luggage.  

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