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Character that inspired stabbing now sold at local Halloween Stores

WISCONSIN -- Slenderman allegedly inspired the brutal stabbing of a Waukesha girl. That fictional character is now popping up at local Halloween stores.

The Slenderman costume is being sold at the Spirit Halloween Stores. Two 12 year old girls said they lured a 12 year old into the woods stabbing her 19 times after becoming fans of the character on a website called Creepypasta. 

All of the shoppers we spoke with called the costume tacky or inappropriate.

Tom Voell says, \"I don't think they made good judgment calls, it was bad judgment actually because of the stuff that happened with Slenderman.\"

We contacted Spirit's corporate company, Spencer Gifts LLC. They told us \"We carried the costume before the incident and we don't think the sale of the costume in any way condones the actions of the violence.



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