Cephus starts NFL journey

NOW: Cephus starts NFL journey

It was a phone call Quintez Cephus will never forget

“It was just like the air was taken out of the room.”

Friends and family huddled around him to hear the Detroit Lions draft the former Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver in the fifth round. 

“It was a surreal feeling for me and my family. I’m just extremely grateful and thankful for them believing in me.” 

The call is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, but it’s also just the start of his journey. Quintez is now officially an NFL receiver, in virtual meetings with players like Matthew Stafford who he grew up watching.

“I’ve been able to hear and see the faces of all the guys that I’ve watched. Just having a guy like him that’s been in the league and seen so much and done so many great things is really a blessing being able to catch balls from a guy of that caliber.”

Quintez has already played catch with Stafford a few times since the draft. The QB is his newest teacher…But as Quintez starts his NFL career he’s grateful for one of his first… his father Andre whose life was suddenly taken three years ago. 

“I think my dad would just be proud because I haven’t stopped chasing my dreams no matter what I’ve gone through. I’ve always used that to give me fuel and to put myself in the right direction. My dad was someone who believed in me first. That’s who I do it for. I just want to continue to chase my dreams and my goals knowing that my dad is with me doing it.”

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