Cedarburg's Kal Herro makes AEW pro wrestling debut

NOW: Cedarburg’s Kal Herro makes AEW pro wrestling debut

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS 58) -- Cedarburg 18-year old Kal Herro made his AEW (All Elite Wrestling) debut Tuesday wrestling in a tag team match on AEW Dark. (Watch the match here). Herro's match was a tag team contest taped in Florida earlier this month. He teamed with Liam Gray against former WWE superstar Billy Gunn and his son Colten Gunn.

Herro, who was a senior at Cedarburg High School just a year ago, says this AEW match is a big deal. 

"That's where you've got to be." Herro told CBS 58 from Louisville. "AEW. That's it. That's the best way to describe it."

Since graduating from Cedarburg, Herro has moved to Louisville to train full-time at OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) led by longtime pro wrestling star Al Snow.

"Now it's wrestling. Like, I still go to college, I still attend MATC." Herro said. "But it's wrestling. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed. It's non-stop in my head. I have training three times a week. I work out everyday. We have TV on Thursdays. We have TV review on Wednesdays."

Herro says OVW just started doing house shows where he and the promotion will travel all over Kentucky doing shows. Kal has also appeared on TNA Impact.

You can see Herro wrestle with OVW on the FITE TV app and he'll be back wrestling in Wisconsin this Sunday at 2 pm at the Dundee Rockabilly and Pro Wrestling Extravaganza in Dundee, Wisconsin and then he's back in mid-June at Brats, Beers and Bodyslams as part of the Theinsville Lionsfest.


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