Cedarburg embraces the Halloween festivities

NOW: Cedarburg embraces the Halloween festivities

Pretty much everywhere you go this weekend, you'll see kids turned into princesses, pirates and everything in between. It's no different in Cedarburg.

The Stettler family spent their Saturday trick-or-treating in the downtown area. They say it's one of their favorite holidays. Each kid had a creative costume, including a piñata. Mother Tracy Stettler makes the costumes with her kids.

"We love to make a big deal out of it. We really go all out," Stettler said.

For staff at From the Heart, a seasonal shop in Cedarburg, Halloween is a favorite time of year.

"It's a holiday where you can have fun without any rules," Manager Christine Carpenter said. "If you want to do something silly, you can do that, you can be scary."

Businesses all along Washington Avenue are getting into the spooky spirit. The Rivoli Theater asked the community what they wanted to watch this Halloween and the community voted on a classic, Ghostbusters.

"Ghosts busters just kind of matches humor and horror and Halloween spookiness in one package," Projectionist Christopher Hofland said.

On Tuesday Oct. 31, people are invited to come to downtown Cedarburg with their carved pumpkins to light up the street.

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