CBS Announcers get Ready for Super Bowl 50

It seems only fitting that you’ll see Super Bowl 50, maybe the most watched TV event in US history, here on CBS 58. Because the network has quite a history with the biggest spectacle in sports.

CBS brought you Super Bowl I, and a total of 19 Super Bowls counting this Sunday’s game. The game has produced many legends on the field and in the booth through the years, and Jim Nance and Phil Simms are just the main faces of a team of CBS experts, analysts, producers, reporters, and tons of behind the scenes folks. We asked them about the art of putting on the biggest broadcast in the sports business.

Greg Gumbel said, “when Phil Simms and I were working together, and they would say 30 seconds to air, and Phil would turn to me and say let’s not screw it up, and I kinda think that’s probably how you go into it. The bigger the audience, the bigger the broadcast, the less you want to screw up."

"You gotta know your stuff. And I enjoy it. Obviously I’ve been around this game since I was 12-years-old. So it’s fun for me. But yeah, you gotta look at it and think okay, what’s different and what’s not. How can I make it sound different from what everybody else is saying," said Tony Gonzalez.

Jim Nantz was absent from the press conference, but he has a good reason. Nantz was at home with his wife, they’re expecting their first son, who clearly needs to get here before Sunday!

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