CBS 58's Chief Meteorologist Went Storm Chasing with Trained Storm Spotters

CBS 58 Storm Chase from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

CBS 58 has a team of trained storm spotters that helps us keep you safe from dangerous thunderstorms.

Chief Meteorologist Drew Burgoyne went storm chasing with CBS 58 storm spotter Matt Malicki to Saint Louis.

Once storms explode there, and they will explode, anything close to that boundary with that enhanced shear is probably going to be our best bet.

The structure is amazing toward the rear of it.

We got rotation right around the Wynona area, but there is not a confirmed tornado on the ground with this cell, but this storm has produced a tornado, and we are in the rear of the storm.  Look at that you can see the mesocyclone.

This storm is only moving around ten miles an hour or so. Look at this up here.

Folks are outside and there are no sirens going on. This is another example of why a weather radio is so important. 

You can see more video from this chase and learn more about tornadoes by joining the CBS 58 Weather team at Severe Weather Day this Saturday at the Milwaukee Public Museum. 

It's a free interactive way to learn more about severe weather and keep your family safe.

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