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CBS 58 Speaks with Brett Favre and Mark Murphy about Favre's Possible Induction into Pro Football Hall of Fame

Brett Favre was the most popular man on radio row on Thursday afternoon. Interviews with the major sports shows, an entourage following every move.

"I try not to think about it either way. There's always a chance that it doesn't go your way, but I just try not to think about that. I don't want to jinx myself," said Brett Favre. “My first phone call? That's a good question. I don't know if I'll be calling anyone. My mother will be calling me.”

The man who's seen  and conquered so many high pressure situations in his career, doesn't seem to be feeling much pressure two days before his Hall of Fame fate is decided. The overwhelming opinion is that he's in, and in fact, Favre stories have been flowing throughout the week in San Francisco. One of the best ones comes from Mike Carey, former referee and now CBS's rules expert.

“He was the most entertaining guy. There are a ot of entertaining guys in the NFL, but the way he could focus so well on thew game and be a schoolyard player is unbeleivable. One time after halftime, he comes out and says "Hey Mike, I brought you an oatmeal cookie, you want one?" You think he's thinking about his game plan but he's just lollying off the field, you know,” said Favre.

Decision Day is Saturday, 46 person committee meets, talks about the careers of each hall of fame finalists, and then votes yay or nay.

Packers President Mark Murphy spoke to CBS 58 about the Super Bowl and Brett Favre.

“It’s fun to be here. It’s obviously a lot more fun if my team was here.”

“It’s going to be great for the organization. You look back over the last year. You know we had his induction at our Hall of Fame… I’m sure he is going to be inducted. It’s just another great honor for Brett Favre and Packers,” said Mark Murphy. 

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