'This is cumulative frustration:' Local leaders host virtual conversation on race, justice and protests

NOW: ’This is cumulative frustration:’ Local leaders host virtual conversation on race, justice and protests

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- CBS 58 and two local leaders held a virtual interactive conversation on race and justice on Thursday, June 4.

CBS 58 was joined by Reggie Moore from the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention and Paul Schmitz from Leading Inside Out.

"I’m extremely proud of what I’m seeing, the level of unity, diversity in one of the most segregated cities in the country," Moore said. "This is cumulative concern, this is cumulative rage, this is cumulative frustration of calls for justice going unheard."

Both Moore and Schmitz said one of the next steps is to talk about the issues.

"I’m not worried a police officer is going to put his knee on my neck for 9 minutes and devalue my life if I’m saying I can’t breathe and that’s what we’re talking about," Schmitz said. "It saddens me that a friend like Reggie has to live with fear and stress that I don’t have to.

"Until folks are willing to have true and honest conversations about power and privilege and how that plays out, we will not move forward and so that’s what led us to this, to the protests," Moore said.

When talking about the violence and looting, Moore said priority needs to be put on human life and injustice.

Schmitz added, "When we hear about looting, fires and arrests, there’s been six days and nights of marches with thousands and thousands of people. There’s been a few incidents of looting to define thousands and thousands of people, that’s not representative of what’s happened."

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