CBS 58 Investigation lands conman in prison

NOW: CBS 58 Investigation lands conman in prison

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After a several year CBS 58 Investigation, a conman who poses as a pastor and contractor is going to prison. 

David Ward repeatedly took money for contracting jobs, then took off without doing any work.

CBS 58 Investigates tracked Ward’s crimes across Wisconsin, leading to a conviction in Waukesha County in 2018. During sentencing, the judge told Ward to stop doing contracting work or go to prison. 58 Investigates found he didn’t stop.

In November, CBS 58 investigates reported David Ward was back at it, using fake names and doing contracting work for cash. 

Debb Lins hired Ward, unaware of his past.

“I would not have let him in my house and been a single woman alone with him, with a man who has no conscience,” Lins said.

After our story aired, Ward’s probation agent asked a judge to revoke his probation and send him to prison to serve his 5 year sentence.

Lins showed up to testify at the closed-door probation revocation hearing. So did Maureen Engelberger, who didn’t hire Ward after he asked her for more than $40,000 in cash.

“I certainly would feel safer if he was put in prison so he’s not out victimizing anybody else,” Engelberger said.

When Ward learned both women showed up to testify, he confessed to doing contracting work for cash and lying to his probation agent about it. He also admitted he asked Lins to lie to his probation agent.

Ultimately the judge found Ward did violate his probation. In his ruling, he wrote Ward “has resumed the very type of work which has led to his extensive criminal record in multiple counties in Illinois and Wisconsin for the past 30 years.” And added prison Is the only way “to protect the community from further criminal conduct by Mr. Ward.”

Once he’s released, Ward will serve 5 years of probation. He still owes tens of thousands of dollars in restitution in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

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