Caught on tape: Man teaches young boy how to shoplift

GLENDALE, Cal. (CBSLA) — The thieves started in the liquor aisle and then went for candy.

No surprise there since the shoplifters were an adult male and a young boy.

When the doors opened at a Rite Aid store in Glendale, a man and little boy came in empty-handed. But Glendale police believe they left with stolen goods.

Security cameras first caught the unidentified man and child near the booze. The man chose a bottle and broke the security device off of it. Then, down it went into the man’s pants as the child stood watching.

“He should be very ashamed of himself,” said shopper Kevin Sanders-Nelson.

But that wasn’t all. The man then took the boy to the candy aisle and decided to lift some of that too. This time, he didn’t hide it in his pants, instead, he put the sweets into the child’s backpack.

CBS2’s Rachel Kim showed the security video to shoppers tonight — including a mother and son.

“I can’t even imagine that, it’s really bad,” said mom Alinoush Megerdich

Kim asked the son what his parents say about stealing? “They say never do it because you can get in very big trouble and go to jail for at least five years,” said 10-year-old Eric Davoudian.

Police aren’t sure of the man’s relationship to the child but they think he’s about 10. Regardless of their relationship, shoppers are sure of one thing.

“Clearly, he’s setting him up for failure — so eventually, he sees stealing is okay. So what is he going to continue to do? He’s going to continue to steal,” said Sanders-Nelson.

If you recognize the man or the little boy (long hair and wearing a Dodgers cap) you’re asked to call Glendale police.

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