Caught on Camera: Person sets 2 cars on fire in Milwaukee

Caught on Camera: Person sets 2 cars on fire in Milwaukee

Surveillance video catches a person get out of their white pickup truck and purposely set two cars on fire on Milwaukee’s South Side.

The arson happened near S. 8th Street and West Rogers Street across from Iglesias Pentecostal Inc. Tito 2:13 church Thursday around 1 a.m. The church’s pastor says he’s thankful it happened overnight because people attending service could have been hurt. In the video, the person is seen dousing the two vehicles with a gas can, lighting the two cars on fire and running away.

Angeline Maldonado lives down the block and said her husband heard a boom so they went outside to watch the flames, when she saw a person next to a white truck outside her home. Maldonado said she saw something in the person’s hands, at first she thought it was a fire extinguisher.

“So I tell him 'hey! I called the fireman,' already and he looked at me all crazy, and I realized he had a gas tank,” Maldonado said. “I'm like oh my god he had a gas tank.”

Maldonado says following that he quickly left, but she was shocked to see the person came back to watch their crime.

“He had the gas tank in his hands. What did he want to do with it? The fire was already burning,” Maldonado said.

As of Saturday night, Milwaukee Police are still looking for the suspect.

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