Caught on camera: child on bicycle on I-43

MILWAUKEE -- On Tuesday emergency calls were made public of a disturbing scene Saturday on I-43.

There was a girl riding a bicycle along the interstate.

Caller: There's a small child riding a bicycle on the side of the road.

Dispatch: We do have squads en route for her, ma'am.

Caller: OK. Good.  You know I debated whether or not to call. I'm thinking oh my God. This is bizarre.

The cyclist is seen on traffic cameras crossing the Hampton Avenue ramp, while additional callers phoned in her clothing description and reported her latest movements.

Caller: Looks very dangerous.

Dispatch: OK. Is she going southbound?

Caller: She is going southbound.

Dispatch: OK


Deputies caught up with the girl on Port Washington Road. She was supposed to be heading to a relative's house. She was not hurt.

CBS 58's Bill Walsh has more.


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