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CAUGHT: Home burglar forgets to log off Facebook

ST. PAUL, MN -- Police say Nicholas Wig checked his Facebook profile from a home he broke into then didn't log off. The homeowner used Wig's Facebook profile to have police arrest him.

On June 12, James Wood came home to find his belongings had been stolen. \"Credit cards, cash for a soccer tournament, checkbook, watch. Kinda started to panic,\" said Wood.

Wood notified police, but then noticed the burlgar left his Facebook profile open on his computer. Wood updated Wig's Facebook status. He exposed Wig as a thief and told people to watch out for him. He also left his phone number asking anyone to call with information on where to find Wig. 

Wig texted Wood at 7:00 p.m., and Wood replied telling Wig he left clothes at his house. Wood led Wig to believe he'd be able to get his clothes back if he gave Wood his recycled cell phone. When Wood spotted Wig heading toward his house, he called police.

Wood says, \"If he wouldn't have done the Facebook thing, we wouldn't have caught him.\"

Wig has been convicted of burglary in the past. 

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