Cattle and Pig Races Showcased at the Wisconsin State Fair

From livestock shows to pigs races, day 2 at the Wisconsin state fair features some of the best entertainment in farm animals.

Hundreds of young Wisconsin farmers look forward to the state fair.

Kendra Hopp, 15, represents Fond Du Lac County.

“It’s awesome being able to show how hard we work to get here and show it off. It’s more than genetics and milking, it’s about all of the hard work,” Hopp said.

Her friend Kalista Hodorff, 17, said, "We all fell in love with the industry that's why we are here.”

“ It's a big part of our lives. We just like to show off what we do as a farmer and spread out to the public what the dairy industry is all about," Hordorff said.

Colton Brooks is the announcer for the pig races at the fair. Click the video above to see that interview.

There are seven pig races a day at the Wisconsin State Fair.    

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