Cast says family moments on "Blue Bloods" makes show a success

NOW: Cast says family moments on “Blue Bloods“ makes show a success

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The hit show Blue Bloods has entertained fans for almost a decade. 

Families are complicated these days, some spend more time texting than talking. Blue Bloods uses that new family dynamic and mixes in nostalgia to bring fans back week after week. 

When CBS 58 met Tom Selleck and the cast of Blue Bloods on set in New York, we met a veteran cast still going strong. 

"We're rarin' to go in our ninth season and I think the audience is still rarin' to go," actor Tom Selleck who plays Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. 

Families have been sitting down to watch the Reagans every Friday night for years and the cast believes it's the family at the center of the show that makes it a success. 

"The jeopardy in our show is often to the relationships," says Selleck. 

"They don't hold back. They're very honest with each other and that honestly, I think can draw a lot of people to it," says Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Janko. 

The show revolves around a fictional family but many fans can connect with how real they are. 

"On our show, I love that you learn how to resolve things. It's not that you agree, it's not just that I agree to disagree and I'm not going to talk to you about it, we talk about it and then we resolve it and I love that aspect of our show," Ray said. 

"Everybody relates to it somehow," says actor Len Cariou who plays Henry Reagan on the show. 

But the most popular part of the show is something that used to be an important part of every family: the iconic family dinner. 

"I hear that more than anything else, people say you know my favorite scene is the family dinner," says Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan. 

"I think people either grew up doing that or they didn't and they wish they had," Cariou said. 

"I think people really yearn for that so when they see our show they see something that represents the kind of life that they would like to lead, even though it may be difficult in today's day and age," says actress Sami Gayle who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle. 

The scene is also a chance for a large cast to see each other. 

"It's our weekly dinner, the cast, we get to catch up, cause on a show this big with his many cast members you could go weeks without seeing each other," says Selleck. 

"A lot of times for an episode we might not see each other except for a family dinner when everyone comes together," says Estes. 

Even the food can make people feel nostalgic. 

While it's a long day at work, the cast makes it fun. 

"We embrace family dinner the only problem is it takes 6 to 8 hours and you have to just keep eating the same old food," Selleck said. 

"It's constant antics," Ray said. 

"We've known each other for so long that we joke in between takes so we catch up with each other, we joke," Estes says. 

"You'd think we'd get sick of them over nine years, but I swear it just gets funnier and funnier," says Gayle. 

It's that on-screen chemistry and family feel that has endeared the Reagan family to families all over the country. 

"When you talk to the fans, they are so invested and so in love with the characters of the show, to that I'm so grateful," says Ray. 

"I've had this kind of success a couple of times but you can't expect it, so this is just a wonderful surprise," Selleck said. 

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