Case High School varsity soccer team sporting lime green shoelaces in support of teammate's dad battling cancer

NOW: Case High School varsity soccer team sporting lime green shoelaces in support of teammate’s dad battling cancer

MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A varsity soccer team in Mount Pleasant is sporting a new look this year.

Many of the team members played soccer with each other since childhood. Therefore, when a teammates father was diagnosed with cancer, it felt like one of their own family members.

Shawn Maringer grew up playing soccer. As Shawn started playing in high school, his dad Rich was diagnosed with cancer.

"It's been 3 years about. It started freshman year. Going in I heard about it and then he beat it the first time, this is his second one," said Shawn Maringer.

About a year ago, Shawn's dad's stage 4 Mantle cell lymphoma came back.

"I knew that Shawn's dad was battling cancer for a while. One night my mom and I were talking about how we could help the team so we came up with the idea," said Brenden Baugrud, Co-Captain of Case HS Soccer.

Co-captains Brenden Baugrud and Jackson Ford brought an idea to the team, to wear the same colored shoelace in support of Shawn's dad.

"I think the shoelace made sense, soccer cleats, it tied us all together," said Baugrud.

For Shawn and his dad, the gesture is more than a shoelace.

"On bad days, it'll make him think positive that people are with him and behind him. He's always staying strong," Shawn said.

"They'll throw it on their left shoe and I think only a few have taken it off, only to wash their cleats from a muddy game," said Jackson Ford.

The team planned to wear them only for a game but Shawn's dad has returned the favor in a way. All the players kept their shoelaces on and they haven't lost a game yet.

"While we're supporting him, maybe it's backing us as well," said Ford.

The team now plans to wear the shoelaces all season long.

For more information about Rich's battle or if you'd like to donate to the GoFundMe, click here

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