Carjacking in Wauwatosa and attempted carjacking in Milwaukee believed related

Police believe a carjacking Sunday afternoon in Wauwatosa and an attempted carjacking Sunday evening on Milwaukee’s east side are related. 

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, investigators believe vehicle used in the attempted carjacking at 5:30 PM Sunday at N Prospect Avenue and  E Webster Place is the same white,  4-door vehicle that was stolen around 1:55 PM Sunday from a home at N 67th and W Wright Streets in Wauwatosa. Police do not know if it was the same two actors, but in both incidents, the suspects are described as two young black males and in both incidents a gun was displayed.

In the E Webster Place incident, the robbers failed to  obtain anything. According to the MPD, the female victim fled the scene as she was approached by the suspects. She was not injured. The MPD says the vehicle the suspects were using matches the description of the vehicle stolen earlier in Wauwatosa.

According to Wauwatosa Police, around 1:55 PM Sunday,  a woman was approached by two, young black males as she was returning home from the grocery store.  According to the Police, the suspects pointed a gun at her and demanded her car.   

The Milwaukee Police and Wauwatosa Police are actively looking for the suspects and the stolen car.

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