Cargill holds job fair for laid off workers

MILWAUKEE -- Some of the 600 employees laid off by Cargill are learning about new job opportunities at Serb Hall.

A Cargill spokesperson tells CBS 58 more than 800 positions within the company only are available Thursday. Those jobs are spread across 23 Midwest locations.

While the company says it will pay for relocation costs, moving isn't the ideal solution for many ex-employees. One laid off worker tells us there are job opportunities at a plant in the Village of Butler.

Former Cargill employee Charles Anderson says the uncertainty of finding a job before his two months severance pay runs out is stressful. He worked at Cargill for almost two years and is hopeful he'll find something soon to support his three children.

Anderson says, \"That's why I explain to them everyday to stay in school, and learn as much as you can because running into stuff like this is not cool.\"

The job fair at Serb Hall ends at 4:00 p.m. on August 7, 2014. Plans are being finalized for another job fair on August 14, 2014. Cargill says so far, more than 60 area employers will be looking to hire.



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