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Cargill and Miller Coors workers play farmer for the day at Hunger Task Force farm in Franklin

They're local corporate types don't mind getting their hands dirty.

On a crisp but sunny morning Wednesday, workers from Cargill and Miller Coors helped clear the Hunger Task Force farm field in Franklin.

A friendly competition to get the ground ready for planting.

\"My group is picking garlic mustard which is tons of fun,\" joked Sherrie Tussler of Hunger Task Force. \"We've got another group out there rock picking so that we so we can plant a field tomorrow. There's another group getting our bins ready so that we can deliver produce for our food pantry network.\"

The Miller Coors workers like to joke that they're mineral harvesting. But it's easy to laugh when you're feeling good about doing your part.

\"We've been doing this for years now so people look forward to it.\" said Jim Sheehy of Miller Coors. \"They want to get out and help and do what's right for the community.They really like being part of Hunger Task Force.\"

Since 2004, Hunger Task Force has operated this 200 acre property. Fresh fruits and vegetables a critical element of its mission of food gathering and distribution.

The view is that  with charity quality matters and among the workers here a feeling of complete satisfaction.

\"We have about 50 workers from Cargill and Miller Coors today,\" said Tussler. \"Over the course of a year we'll have 5,000 volunteers work the farm and we couldn't feed the needy without their help.\"

Last year the farm provided 750.000 pounds of fresh produce.

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