Cardinal Stritch University preparing for its final graduation Sunday before doors close

NOW: Cardinal Stritch University preparing for its final graduation Sunday before doors close

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Cardinal Stritch University is preparing for its final commencement on Sunday before ultimately closing on May 22.

The announcement came April 10, and since then, students, staff and alumni have shared their many concerns.

In a one-on-one interview with CBS 58 from mid-April, university President Dr. Dan Scholz said the closure was a result of several issues, citing financial problems, including a six-million-dollar deficit, the pandemic and low enrollment trends. 

“It wasn’t until January and into February that we saw that we probably weren’t going to make it financially," Dr. Scholz said. "So, we tried many different avenues to try to raise that money to close that gap and we were ultimately unsuccessful.”

Over the past several weeks, the university has hosted multiple town halls and information sessions for those affected to learn about their transfer options, as other local and national schools work to welcome those in need.

“That has given us some peace of mind that people are concerned about our students, they’re concerned about our faculty and staff and everybody is doing what they can to help us in this transition," Dr. Scholz said. 

The graduation will take place at the Wisconsin Center at 10 a.m. on May 21.


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