Car washes packed as weather warms up

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The break in the cold also gave people a chance to wash off the layers of salt, dust and snow from their cars.

There were lines at car washes everywhere.

With warmer weather after nearly two week cold snap, drivers decided to make Sunday, a wash day.

All of the salt, dirt and grime, gone in just a matter of minutes.

Some people, waiting as long as half a hour for a three-minute automatic cycle at mister car wash in West Milwaukee.

But time was of the essence at Royal Car Wash on west Oklahoma.

"Pretty much nonstop business from open until closing," says Jacob Leer of Royal Car Wash. "Just trying to send them as fast as they can, down the line. just back to back."

Nearly 700 Cars stopped by in just one day.

"I wasn't expecting this many today. But really good business so far," says Leer.

Workers are expecting record numbers over the next few days. 

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