Car Stolen from Parking lot of Anytime Fitness in Menomonee Falls

Two suspects stole an unlocked car at Anytime Fitness in Menomonee Falls on Wednesday.

Menomonee Falls Police said that two suspect's vehicles pulled up to parking lot of strip mall where Anytime Fitness.

One of the suspect vehicles was a sedan and one was a caravan.

There were two suspects in one vehicle and one in another.

The driver of the vehicle and two other suspects got out and were able to open the door of the Dodge Caravan.

He started the car and drove away along with other suspects going eastbound on Silver Spring.

Police are still investigating if cars they pulled up in were stolen vehicles.

Police are urging citizens not to leave there cars unlocked, not to leave keys in vehicles and not to leave property out in cars.

Police are still investigating and will be reviewing surveillance video from Anytime Fitness.

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