Car Parts Recovered at Scene of Serious Hit and Run in Caledonia

UPDATE: A 75-year-old that in Caledonia would often take walks along HWY 31.

When he crossed the street to head home yesterday evening, he was hit by a car.

The driver didn't stop.

Police were able to identify the make and model of the car.

It's a Chevy Impala and is year 2000 to 2005.

The driver’s side mirror is missing.

The man suffered a broken leg and other injuries.

Police said he's still in the hospital, but doesn't remember much about the incident.

Other witnesses at the scene did stop.

Police are hoping the driver will come forward

 If you know who might have been driving the car involved, Caledonia Police ask you give them a call.

ORIGINAL: A man seriously hurt after being struck by a car that kept going in Caldeonia.

The victim was taken to Wheaton Franciscan Hospital in Franklin. Police say he has a broken leg and other injuries. He is recovering, but he doesn't remember much about the accident.

Caledonia Police responded to a pedestrian hit and run crash at the intersection of 3 Mile Rd and STH 31.

"We had several witnesses that stopped and they were able to identify what had happened," said Lt. Gary Larsen with Caledonia Police. Lt. Larson believes the car that fled knows they hit a person.

75-year-old Fredrick Billman was crossing STH 31 to head home after a walk when he was hit by a vehicle heading north. The vehicle did not stop and fled the area.

Car parts were recovered at the scene. Police believe the car that hit Billman is a Chevy Impala made between year 2000 and 2005. It will now be missing a driver’s side view mirror.

Police want to speak with you if you see a Chevy Impala without a drivers side mirror, or if you know who might have been driving the car involved.

"If you get into an accident we understand people get scared at times. People may not have a drivers license and other issues going on, but it's always your best best to stop," said Lt. Larson.

Anyone with information should call  262-835-4423 ext 158.

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