Candlelight vigil to honor victims of Oak Creek temple shooting

Wednesday marked the three year anniversary of the shooting at an Oak Creek Sikh temple that claimed the lives of six people. At an evening vigil, the names of the six victims were read and mourners placed candles near their pictures. Before that ceremony, people in attendance prayed inside the temple for two hours. People we spoke with say the day is about sharing a message of love and peace, and that it is not a day to mourn, but remember what happened.

\"They have to know about the Sikhism, who Sikhs really are. They are peaceful and loving, family-oriented values just like Americans. They are no different. They may look different but underneath values are exactly the same,\" said Kulwand S. Dhaliwal, chairperson of the temple board.

Wednesday night's remembrance was open to the public, and temple leaders and members were especially welcoming, greeting and thanking each person for being there. 

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