Candidates make final push for Wisconsin votes as Election Day approaches

NOW: Candidates make final push for Wisconsin votes as Election Day approaches

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The election is just six days away, and Wisconsin's status as a battleground state will be on full display this Friday, Oct. 30.

Both candidates will make stops here in the final weekend of the campaign.

The race is still up in the air. Polls show Biden with a slight lead, but as we know from four years ago, that means nothing.

It also means candidates will make a big push when they both visit Friday.

An election isn't over until you count the votes, and that's especially true in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is an important swing state, but for the president, it's critical.

"I think it's a realistic scenario that President Trump squeaks by Wisconsin and Wisconsin gives him the win of the electoral college," said UWM Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee.

The path to victory for the president is almost impossible without winning here. That's why he and his campaign have made several stops in the state, including Vice President Pence on Wednesday, talking about the most important issues of the campaign -- COVID.

Biden hasn't made as many stops in the state, but doesn't want a repeat of four years ago, when Hillary Clinton ignored Wisconsin on her way to a loss. That's why the campaign is making a stop in the final days.

"What's really important is what Vice President Biden can bring to the presidency, what the voters of Wisconsin and America want, we believe it is, we believe his message is resonating," said Biden Campaign Surrogate Guy Smith.

While Biden doesn't need Wisconsin to win the White House, he knows his opponent does, and he also knows that he doesn't have it locked up. Joe Biden is coming back to Wisconsin on Friday, and that tells us that he does not think he's got it in the bag.

President Trump will be in Green Bay on Friday.

Biden's campaign hasn't announced where he is stopping yet.

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