Paul Ryan campaigns for his own replacement

NOW: Paul Ryan campaigns for his own replacement


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Primary Day in Wisconsin is Tuesday. There are several heated races that will determine who is on the ballot in the November midterm election.

Eight candidates are running in the Democratic Primary for Governor. On the Republican side, Governor Walker is the favorite against Robert Meyer. There are five Republican candidates battling to take on Senator Tammy Baldwin in November. 

Several candidates look to take on House Speaker Paul Ryan's First Congressional District seat after he said he would not run again.

Here in Milwaukee County, the Democratic Primary is essentially an election for Milwaukee County Sheriff since there are no Republican candidates.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is making his presence known on the campaign trail. People can start voting at the Zeidler Building or other locations in the state at 7 a.m. and Paul Ryan is pushing candidates he thinks represent Wisconsin. For the first time ever, that includes the man he wants to replace him.

Paul Ryan has supported candidates across Wisconsin and across the country but on Monday, he supported a new congressman for his district.

"These are the people I know, these are the people I've supported for so long," House Speaker Ryan said.

His choice to carry the torch is Bryan Steil who says he knows the district.

"My background is manufacturing, education. I think we'll be able to deliver and continue this economic growth that we have and take it one step further," said Bryan Steil, Republican Candidate for Congress. 

Steil faces four republicans in the primary including Nick Polce who says Ryan's presence is a bad sign.

"What it tells me though is they're worried. They're worried about this race. The fact that they have to bring back the sitting speaker of the house to his own district," said Polce, Republican candidate for Congress.

Ryan has also campaigned with other candidates from Senate hopeful Leah Vukmir as well as congressmen Glenn Grothman, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Mike Gallagher.

Ryan says winning will be about attitude.

"Listen and be agreeable, even if you disagree with people. I think that's Wisconsin nice. I think that's a good style. I think that's a good temperament. But more to the point, I think what people want is someone that's going to represent their values."

 A reminder to anyone voting on Tuesday, you can only vote for the primary elections in one race.

If you vote for a Democrat in one race and a Republican in another, your ballot will not count. 

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