Caledonia woman charged after fatally shooting dog left in field by owner

Warning: Graphic Details 

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Caledonia woman is facing charges after allegedly shooting and killing a dog that the owner left in a field because he was being evicted.

Heather Foreman-Urick is facing charges of felony mistreatment of animals and disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, a man was being evicted from his home so he dropped his dog off in a field, located at 7806 W River Road in the Village of Caledonia, on June 14. The man reported that he was being evicted because the dog was causing damage to the home. The man allegedly left food and water with his dog and promised to return later to retrieve the dog.

When the man went back to get his dog a few days later, he found that his dog had been shot twice and was dead.

A witness told police that he saw the dog playing in the field by itself. The witness reported that the dog was not agressive with anyone.

According to the criminal complaint, The witness told police that on June 14, he saw a woman driving a fire department SUV stop and attempt to catch the dog without success. That woman was later identified as Foreman-Urick. Foreman-Urick allegedly asked the witness if the dog belonged to him. He said no and she said she would return later.

Foreman-Urick allegedly returned a short while later and told the witness that she had been bit by a pit bull when she was young and that the dog in the field was acting aggressive towards her. Foreman-Urick asked the witness to shoot the dog but he refused. Foreman-Urick then asked for a firearm and was provided with one because the witness believed she was a village employee and acting within her official capacity.

The witness said he was upset the woman wanted to shoot the dog but did not intervene because he thought she was a village official, the criminal complaint alleges. 

The witness then heard Foreman-Urick shoot the dog and could hear the dog yelping.

Officers were able to identify Foreman-Urick and were aware that she has been known to drive a decommissioned West Allis fire truck.

They located her outside of a restaurant and asked to speak to her about the incident to which she responded, "didn't happen."

Foreman-Urick will have her preliminary hearing on August 30.

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