Businesses looking forward to more snow this weekend

NOW: Businesses looking forward to more snow this weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The first snowstorm of the year is set to hit our area this weekend.

Snow-related businesses are saying bring it on, but the snow has been few and far between this winter season.

Managers at TNT Ace Hardware in Waukesha say it’s caused sales of certain items to go down. "This year with as warm as it's been people haven't been preparing very much. We found that when the storms do hit, we get hit right before the storms do come," said Don Dishno, manager.

Things are finally starting to pick up because of the expected snowfall.

"The biggest thing that’s been selling right now so far is salt. I think people are concerned with the rain going on right now, that it’s gonna freeze. So salt sales have been up, people haven't really been preparing with shovels. A lot of snow blowers have gone out though," Dishno said.

Over at Snowplow Solutions in West Allis the lack of snow has allowed them to catch up on installs and repairs.

"The season started off very busy, we started in September which is a month earlier than normal," said Chad Stone.

They're hoping for a nice sizable snowstorm.

“Don't want nothing too big 'cause it’s too hard to plow 10 inches of snow at once...but a good four-inch snow storm would be nice," Stone said.

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